Floating Alcove Shelves

Fitted some solid pine floating alcove shelving, now it just needs to be painted! A simple but clean look created by the absence of visible supports.

Kitchen drawers

Here’s a recent small project to make bespoke oak kitchen drawers to fit a slightly awkward space at the back of a deep kitchen counter. The drawers fully extend over the counter, or can be pulled out, making it a more useable storage space.

Hand cut dovetails.

Just finished a dovetail box – lots of working with hand tools for this small piece, for the jointing and the name carving in the lid, so it was a nice and peaceful in the workshop!    

The Making of Publow Church Furniture.

We had the great privilege of working for Publow All Saints’ Church in Pensford. The brief was to design and make a secondary alter for their ‘Lady Chapel’, as well as a fitted cabinet for an existing arched hole in the wall and a large fitted...

Dining table extension

I made these beech table leaves for a couple who had bought an extending table with no existing inserts. Somewhere between a repair and and a build project! Instead of matching the existing limed oak table, we decided to go for a different hardwood for contrast. The...