Furniture making | small batch production

by | Apr 8, 2019

The majority of our furniture is one off & bespoke pieces for our clients. Whether we are making freestanding furniture or built in wardrobes and kitchens.

We do sometimes use small batch production in our workshop to create a run of identical pieces of furniture. All still made by hand, but also employing various modern techniques.

Here is an image of the components for a run of walnut dining chairs we made last year.

bespoke furniture making bristol, arbor furniture chair

Making a run of identical pieces like this requires a slightly different approach – trying to look for ways to streamline each process as much as possible.

But the same amount of care and attention still goes in to the project as it would on a single one off piece.

The components are carefully selected to compliment and match with one another before assembly. But first, we had to take a picture when we saw them in the afternoon light!