Why buy bespoke furniture?

by | Oct 28, 2020

What are the benefits of handmade furniture?

You may find yourself asking if you want a furniture maker to design and make a piece of furniture or a built in wardrobe for your home.

It is fair to wonder if this is a good option, considering there are hundreds of different places to buy from and many options that won’t cost as much.

Hand made furniture has several benefits which you simply don’t get from mass produced options.

Handmade furniture is built to last.

Each piece of furniture made at Arbor Furniture is made with care and designed to last generations. We like the idea of furniture being a meaningful part of the home – people don’t often remember the throwaway items, but a handmade piece of furniture that has been sat in the corner of the family home for years. We want to continue that idea, so our pieces are not only built to last, but made with our clients’ in mind to make them significant.

It is more environmentally friendly.

We want to question the throwaway nature of a lot furniture. There is a commonly held idea that mass produced furniture doesn’t last long, and there is good reason for that. It isn’t great for the environment to just dispose of furniture regularly, after it begins to fall apart.

We use locally sourced timber wherever possible, and only ever use FSC certified sheet materials, which ensure that our materials come from well managed forests and/or recycled sources.

Your furniture will be unique.

We work with our clients to discuss exactly what they want. Our furniture is made to measure, and designed with you in mind. This means you will receive a piece of furniture that is unique to your home. Whether this is in knowing where the wood was grown, or in having a design that is just as you wanted it.

It supports local craftspeople.

All of our furniture is made in house in our workshop. We are a small Bristol based company.

We use traditional furniture and cabinet making methods, as well as modern techniques. We also work with other local craftspeople on various projects, such as blacksmiths, timber framers and upholsterers.

It is this hard work and knowledge that go in to making your furniture and in to providing a great service.

It can add value to your home.

Bespoke kitchens and built in wardrobes can’t be taken with you if you decide to move house, but they can be an investment as the extra storage and design can be very attractive to potential buyers.

Buying handmade furniture isn’t always going to be the best option for everything – but there are many places where it can have a huge advantage over getting something mass-produced.

We are happy to discuss design ideas and provide estimates with no obligations, so if you have an idea for your home – please get in touch!