Built in Wardrobe

by | Oct 8, 2020

Fitted wardrobe with ladder.

This wardrobe has just been fitted in Clifton, Bristol.

It definitely stands out with it’s bright colours and hand made wooden ladder. With a lot of built in wardrobes a big focus is to maximise space – so with high ceilings it makes a lot of sense to go tall.

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This means that adding a ladder is a great idea, practically and for style too. We work with a local blacksmith who makes the rails to order, and we make the ladder in our workshop.

Should wardrobes go to the ceiling?

This is mainly an aesthetic choice – and one that we often discuss with our clients. We find that in a room with a very high ceiling it can sometimes be overbearing to have our fitted wardrobes go all the way to the ceiling. In this instance we left space above the cupboard, and finished it with it’s own decorative coving.

In rooms where the ceiling is lower than it often makes sense to go all the way to the ceiling – maximising storage space while still being accessible.

If you are thinking about having alcove wardrobes or any other built in cupboards in your home, get in touch via this link. We can chat through what you are looking for and give you an estimate of the prices.